Would You Climb
Mt. Everest Without An Experienced Guide?

If information is all it took to be successful online, everyone would be a millionaire.  The fact is, most people fail to ever earn a dime.  You wouldn't try to climb Mt. Everest without a sherpa, so why would you risk building an online business without a guide? 

Get the complete step-by-step plan PLUS live coaching sessions where we guide you by the hand.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel.  It's perfectly round already.


"Learn With Pat"

Are you trying to build an Internet business or attempting to add an online component to your existing offline business?  Everyone told you it was easy.  Just buy their software program or marketing system.  Yet you still can't seem to get something going...  You're not alone.  The vast majority of those who attempt to earn money online never earn a nickel.  Let "Learn With Pat" provide you with a proven model and help you over the technical hurdles.  No matter your goals, we can help!

  • Part-Time Income?

    Maybe you just want to purchase a newer car or move to a nicer neighborhood with better schools. 

  • Replace Your Existing Income?

    Perhaps you want to leave your full-time job and work from home, or work fewer hours so you can spend more time with those you love, and who love you.

  • Design Your Life!

    Rather than living to build someone else's dream, isn't it time to start building something for yourself?

You may find your full-time job fulfilling and have no intention of ever leaving.  Perhaps you just need some additional income, but don't want to spend all of your off time earning it.


Whatever your situation, one thing I know: Most people didn't make a plan to spend 60 or 70 hours per week working in a cubicle for a corporate empire.  It just sort of worked out that way.


So..... what would your life look like if you could design it yourself from the ground up?  Let's take two steps back and think about what YOU want your life to be like.  How much money do you want to earn?  What would you enjoy doing to earn that money? Where do you want to live? (As opposed to where do your circumstances force you to live?)


Most people just fall into life.  Circumstances and events take place and they just roll with them.  They adjust and adapt their lives to their circumstances and let the chips fall where they will.


But what if you allowed yourself for just a moment to DESIGN your life?


Most people never slow down and actually think about what they desire their lives to look like.  However, the power of leverage and scaling afforded to the average person by the Internet revolution can open doors you never thought possible.


I'm asking you to take a quiet moment and consider what you would like your life to look like from the time you open your eyes in the morning.  What do you see outside?  What are you eating for breakfast?  What  is your morning routine like?  What are your activities throughout the day?


And then take a bold step to make it happen!


The vast majority of people use the power of the Internet to watch funny pet videos.  Or rant about their frustrations.  Or post family pictures.  They don't realize they have at their disposal the most powerful, life-changing tool ever devised by mankind.


Look, there's a guy out there using the Internet to market his business of writing messages on potatoes (see photographic evidence HERE...) and mailing them to people (sort of like sending flowers, but with potatoes).  If HE can earn a living online, I bet you can be successful online too.

An Unbelievable Value!

This would be an incredible value at TEN TIMES the price.  But we wanted to make this training available to those who need it most - the struggling entrepreneur who is trying to overcome all the technical hurdles and navigate the online marketplace.

$1 Trial, then only $67 per month thereafter. 

(No ridiculous contracts.  Billed monthly.  You may cancel anytime.)

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Look at Everything You Get!

You're practically stealing from me!  Get in NOW before the price goes up.

You're Going to Get EVERYTHING You Need For Success In One Place.  Every Bit of Insider Knowledge PLUS Live Support at an Unheard of LOW Investment.  Available Immediately At Sign Up!

  • Build something of your own!  Instead of building someone else's dream, build your own business that will utilize leverage and scaling to earn more while investing fewer hours.

  • Do something you ENJOY!  Turn your hobby into a lucrative enterprise!  Explore  your options.  LOVE your job when you get out of bed in the morning...or the afternoon...  :-)

  • Do you have a brick and mortar business that needs an online component?  (HINT:  They ALL do!  If your offline business doesn't have a website and a way to sell products while you sleep, then you're leaving money on the table.)

  • Cut The Cord!  Work from ANYWHERE in the world with an Internet connection!  Have you dreamed about traveling to exotic places?  Would you like to wake up in a tropical paradise, pull out your laptop, and put your hours in on the deck overlooking the ocean?  It's possible...  But there are some skills you'll have to learn first.

Module One

The Entire Business Building System.

You're going to get the "insider" grade, time-tested information and methods that are used by the "big dogs" in Internet marketing.  Forget about the fads and gimmicks the gurus are selling you and check out what they actually DO! (Hint: What I teach is what they do...)

  • "Insider" grade, time-tested information and methods used by the "big dogs" in Internet marketing.

  • Literally shave YEARS from your learning curve.  Take a shortcut to success here

  • Affordable price!  I've spent my own money so you don't have to spend yours...

Module Two

Live Coaching Sessions.

Perhaps the single most important benefit of your membership at "Learn With Pat" is the availability of live coaching.  One thing that keeps would be Internet entrepreneurs from being successful in their business is the sheer amount of information out there, combined with the technical knowledge required to gain traction.


Your live coaching sessions provide guidance and accountability to keep you on track toward your goals.

Module Three

Technology Bootcamp.

My guess is that you have more time than money.  If you're going to build an online empire you need to have some basic technical knowledge.  You need to develop specific technical skills and learn about the Internet marketers "tools of the trade." 


Over the years, I've boiled down the list of tools you need and I'll tell you my "best of the best" picks to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

Module Four

Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights Products.

PLR and MRR refers to ready-made products that you can immediately sell.  With PLR, you get the source document files so you can change the text, put your own spin on it, make it your own with your own branding and sell it as yours.


Certainly this is the fastest way to get a product of your own to market.


Included with your subscription, you'll get a PLR or MRR package every month that you can immediately sell PLUS I'll give you info on where you can purchase additional PLR for your specific niche!

Module Five

Product Archive Vault.

Your subscription provides you access to the product vault!  Every month one e-book will be released in its entirety to you.


You'll get such titles as my flagship product, "How To Earn Your Living Online," as well as my "Zero To Cash In 24 Hours," "Zero To Traffic In 48 Hours," "The Affiliate Authority," and "3 Simple Traffic Methods," e-books (among many others).


You'll also get any future e-books I write as well as other e-books I obtain the rights to distribute.  This will help you to build your library with an array of good, solid information upon which you can build your digital empire.

Module Six

Traffic "How To" Modules.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online existence. If you don't get eyeballs on your offers, you have no conversions, no sales, and no business.


This is what stops most fledgling marketers dead in their tracks.  (And where most of the "gurus" quit teaching...)


At "Learn With Pat," you're going to get a different traffic method unlocked to you every month that will teach you step-by-step how to implement a different paid advertising method. This module alone is worth the price of your subscription! 

  • Both free and paid traffic strategies.

  • The methods will build upon your skill and knowledge taking you from the easiest ways to drive traffic to more complex methods.

A Message from Patrick Taylor

Your host at "Learn With Pat"

Hi!  My name is Pat and I'm just going to take a second here to share my heart with you and tell you what "Learn With Pat" is all about.


There is a learning curve to building an online business (or adding an online component to your existing business).  Whatever your situation, LWP can help you "overcome technology."


I have been marketing online in one form or another since 2003, and I've been teaching others to overcome technical obstacles for over 3 decades. (I know, I don't look that old in the photo. It surprises me too.) 


If you're just starting out, (or if you've been struggling for awile) I want to help you. I know it can be confusing and it's easy to get information overload. I'll help you focus on your goal, perhaps refine your business strategy, assist you in overcoming technology, and get you to that big day where you launch your online business.


Whether your goal is to earn a part-time income, replace the income from your job and work from home, or just have an online presence, my goal is to build a long-term business relationship and provide guidance for all of your online technology and systems.


Patrick Taylor

The Simple, Powerful Way To Launch Your Online Business.

A Proven Plan + The Right Mindset + The Proper Tools = SUCCESS!

Why on earth are you still reading this sales page?

Click on the "BUY NOW" button and let's get started for goodness' sake!

  • Designed for the novice

    We don't assume you have a product, a list, or a marketing background.  Start from the beginning.

  • Mobile responsive

    You can access the membership area from any device, anywhere you have Internet access.

  • The same "evergreen" methods and products used by the top marketers

    The strategies promoted here are not gimmicks or "tricks" that will only work until the social media network plugs a weakness.  We're going to pull the curtain away and show you exactly what the big dogs of Internet marketing do.

  • A great value out of the box!

    You could pay thousands of dollars for everything you get here under one roof for one low monthly investment.  I challenge you to find a better value anywhere.

  • Technology + Mindset = SUCCESS!

    Success in the online world (or offline world for that matter) is more than technology.  We help you establish the right mindset to succeed.

  • The step-by-step plan on a silver platter

    You could literally waste years and thousands of dollars groping around in the dark trying to figure all of this out on your own until you become exhausted and frustrated and quit...or you can let me help you.

Okay.  Let me throw in a couple of additional bonuses...

Let me sweeten the pot just a little.

Bonus One

ALL of My Past and Future Info Products.

You're going to get every information product I've ever created and every product I'll create in the future (plus many other great products) including my flagship e-book "How To Earn Your Living Online: The complete guide to building a profitable online business so you can start living life on your own terms."

  • Every month, a new product will be automatically unlocked and available to you for download in the membership area.

  • Products will include my own writings, PLUS other offerings I have the rights to distribute.

Bonus Two

Masters of Copywriting

If you're going to earn your living online, the #1 skill you need to hone is your ability to write effective advertising copy. 


Get the skills straight from the masters who invented the genre!


(I did not personally write this book, but I have the rights to distribute it to my valued members.)

  • A complete course from the top writers of their day.

  • Even if you intend to have others write your copy, you still need to understand these principles.

What Our Customers Say

I can tell you how great I am all day long... but it's better if you hear it from my past customers!

"Verdict: I have to give Mr. Taylor's course the highest recommendation I have ever given to a product...If you're serious about selling online, get this and commit to it.  Seriously."

Andrew Wardle

Veteran Marketer

"Definitely glad I made the purchase... this is truly a breath of ACTIONABLE fresh air that I know I'll be able to use and reference long into the foreseeable future."


Novice Online Marketer

"Amazing course by Patrick Taylor!... In this course Patrick explains some of the best methods offline and online to generate free traffic to a website.  I would highly recommend this course."

Andy Anand

Internet Entrepreneur

"You can sense his honesty and the way he tells everything you need to know to succeed online and offline without holding up on anything...  You will not get a magic formula to make a million overnight kind of crap, What you will get are real tips, information, and knowledge that will make you a real businessman..."

Qamar Zul

Supplement Sales

"Update: Followed the guide (and also with great support)  Ok.  Hit Google page #1 for a product. SLOT 1 on PAGE 1 in Google as a matter of fact.

Total investment: $0

Good job Pat"

D Langley

List Builder

"While traveling with Pat last week I watched him write a letter and send it out between shaving and brushing his teeth in his hotel room.  Ten minutes later he showed me how the e-mail was being opened all over the world, and how he'd already earned $68 in revenue!  I don't understand much about Internet marketing, but it sure piqued my interest!"

Jay Hunemuller

Close Friend and Business Associate

Our Best Deal On Our Flagship Product

Look, I couldn't even give this to my MOM for any less.  In fact, my mom would say you're taking advantage of me.  Of course, she says everyone is taking advantage of me.  She's my mom.  That's her job.  All I'm saying here is, I'm giving you a stupendous value and you should jump on it before the price goes up (and trust me that's the only direction it can go at this point).

$1 Trial then only $67 /month

100% Privacy. We Will NEVER Sell Your Info (Not Even For a BILLION DOLLARS!....Well, look a billion dollars.  Let's talk... No.  No.  We're not going to sell.  No, never!  NEVER!)

You are Protected By Our

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Currently we're offering a 7-day trial at just $1.  But I don't even want you to risk your dollar.  If you don't agree this is one of the best values you've ever experienced, I don't even want your dollar.  I'll refund it.  Take The "Learn With Pat" membership site on a test drive.  Check out the modules.  Put them into action.  Jump on a live coaching call.  Ask your questions.  E-mail me.  If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I only want raving fan customers.

Note: Your continued use of the "Learn With Pat" membership portal after the trial period indicates acceptance of the service and will be billed at the low price of $67 per month thereafter.  You may cancel at any time.  However, previous payments will not be refunded after the trial period has expired and access to the portal, live coaching calls, and drip products will be discontinued.

Patrick Taylor

CEO, Founder

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